To all Haven Wealth Group Clients,

A basic principle of Haven’s FAR Investing (i.e. Flexible Absolute Return Investing) is that we are not afraid to capture profits and raise cash during a market downturn to preserve your capital.  Over the last several months, we have successfully booked substantial profits for the year.  Not only does this protect and grow your principal, but it also offers us an opportunity to reinvest for you at more attractive levels.  This is the essence of FAR Investing.

We chose to raise additional cash over the recent past because of continued institutional selling, high equity valuations, a Fed poised to raise interest rates, and economic instability in China.  We cannot predict market tops or bottoms, but we will continue to monitor equity markets for signs of reasonable valuations and potential new entry points.  In the meantime, continued market declines and volatility should not be a concern for Haven clients.  Once we believe markets have stabilized, we will slowly begin to reinvest your portfolio.

If you have any questions, please contact our offices at 713-980-8820. 

The Haven Wealth Group Team

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