March 2023 Newsletter

Key Takeaways The US economy is strong. The Fed may be forced to pause, slow the pace of tightening, or stop tightening monetary policy. Inflation continues to moderate. Investment grade bonds offer attractive yields ranging from 5- 6%. US Treasury money market funds offer yields ranging from 4.2% to 4.5%. The Fed announced that deposits […]

Client Relationship Summary (Form CRS)

Introduction Haven Wealth Group (HWG) is an investment advisor registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  It is important for retail investors to understand that services provided by investment advisors and brokerage services and their fee programs differ. We explain the company’s services and fee program in our initial meeting with potential investors. To research […]

April 2022 Newsletter

Key Takeaways Monetary policy is becoming less accommodative as the Fed looks to bring inflation down We are not in a recession, unemployment is low at 3.6%, GDP is predicted to grow, earnings growth projections are in line with historical trends History tells us there is a good probability the bottom is in for equities, […]

January 2022 Newsletter

In spite of the worldwide economic shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the last two years have been exceptional for US equity markets! Once the economy reopened in 2020, equity returns were strong, and market volatility was exceptionally low. Today corporate earnings are at record highs. We expect earnings to continue to grow in 2022, […]

Your First IRA

Are you paying your future you enough? They always say “Save as often as you can!” and “The earlier the better”. If your company does not offer a retirement savings plan, here is an ideal option to keep the ball rolling: A traditional IRA is a tax-advantaged savings account that is used to prepare for retirement. […]

How to pick an Investment Advisor – Series 2: Top Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor

Being aware of the different types of financial advisors is important, but what questions should you be asking advisors?  Our top recommendations to ask an advisor are summarized here: Are you a fiduciary? The title, “fiduciary” indicates your advisor has the obligation to provide suitable investment advice and act in the best interests of their clients.  A […]