Car wrecks, hospital visits, unexpected home repairs, unplanned travel expenses, and job loss. These are all examples of curve balls that life can send your way and it is up to you to be prepared for them. Do you have your rainy day fund?

Depending on your household income, most professionals recommend having at least 3 to 6 months’ worth of expenses. Sure insurance is there for protection, but you should pay close attention to required deductibles and co-pays.

Start by saving little by little. Maybe setting a monthly recurrent payment that replaces a night out on the town or at a restaurant.

Tip of advice: make sure your money is accessible but at the same not too easy for you to be tempted! Try opening a different bank account from your normal checking account (it sure worked for us).

It is a “sleep easy” fund and as a newlywed I plan on enforcing it.

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