The Beginning

Haven Wealth Group was founded in 2008 by Richea Powell and Charlie Calvin as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) seeking to provide wealth management services to their clients.The founding partners offered a combined experience of over 60 years in banking, investments, wealth planning, and financial analysis.

The Growth

Haven Wealth Group has successfully grown in the number of assets under management. Haven has unique research capabilities which lead to outstanding investment results. The returns generated for our clients have validated our firm’s asset allocation strategies and stock picking prowess. The focus on the client has rewarded Haven with referrals and client retention.

The Future

Haven Wealth Group has a well-earned reputation as a highly-regarded, ethical, and responsive Registered Investment Advisor. Clients continue to profit from the firm’s personal service, rigorous research and analysis, professionalism, and investment expertise. The Haven team remains committed to using their knowledge and skills to help each individual client meet their financial goals. Our dedication helps maintain long-term relationships in all market periods.